Thursday, August 21, 2014

bathtub makeover

    So in a couple of days I will have a teenager! I don't know what to do with myself.....I'm honestly in shock. But I wanted to share my little bathtub makeover I did a while back. I didn't really have any plans for this when we moved in but after a while I started thinking to myself I wanted to spruce up the tub a bit. After we did the kitchen we had enough bead board for me to do this project. This isn't a tutorial because once again like the kitchen, you just do it how you want based on your tub. Before, we had that fake plastic marble looking stuff...I wish I had a full before picture with it all still up but here it is with the front and back wall still attached.

   All I did was tear it down.
   Then I attached the cut bead board with liquid nail. On the top and sides I attached a piece of molding that I think is made for stuff that's's like it sits on top of the bead board so then is flush with the wall and with the front of the bead board.
  After that I built a frame for the front and attached the bead board from behind then liquid nailed it to the studs of the tub. After everything was in place I caulked EVERYTHING with a caulk that is made for tubs so it is water and mold resistant. And sorry for the horrible pictures, it was extremely bright the day I finished and I have no clue how to really edit pictures.

 But I love the finished results and how it transformed the space.