Monday, September 1, 2014

Master Bath Sneak peak

     So I've been a little busy lately finishing up our master bedroom and bathroom for the second time. Nothing structural is changing, just new paint. When we bought our house I knew I was not going to be keeping our bathroom cabinets with the stain look. This is part of our bathroom after we painted it a light blue/grey but before we painted the cabinets black (except the side, I had to test it out). Very plain Jane to me.

  I had been seeing framed mirrors all over Pinterest and knew that I wanted to do it. We bought 5" baseboard and put it up and instantly fell in love. Sorry for the horrible picture. By this time I had started painting it and had taken all the doors and drawer fronts off to paint.

  Framing the mirror made it go from builder grade to a custom look. This really was an easy project and we ended up doing it in all of our bathrooms. This is what the frame looked like after it was painted.


  And here it was all done

  I was so proud of myself with how it turned fast forward to today and it looks nothing like this anymore. I got tired of all the blue/grey downstairs so I started repainting it all a light cream. I knew once I started painting everything I was not going to keep the black on the cabinets or frame so I have always liked the sage color and wanted to try it out. So here is a sneak peak of what it will look like. This new sage color is also what I'm painting my kitchen cabinets in.

 Again, not the greatest picture but it will work. I can't wait until it's all done and can share the end result!

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