Sunday, March 1, 2015

Blanket Ladder

   Hey everyone! Sorry I've been a little MIA lately but I wanted to share with you a little project I did back in January that I am so in love with.
A while back ago my mom had given me a couple quilts that my great grandmother had made. They had been sitting in a cedar chest for a long time and she asked if I would want then and I said of course. Well I knew I would want to eventually display them and what better way then a blanket ladder. This was such a simple build and a perfect way to display old blankets.
All I used was 1x3's and some 1' dowel rods.
I bought 2-1x3x8's and cut them down to 7'
Then the dowel rods are 18" and there are 6 of them total (2 aren't shown)
Then every 12' I used a 1' paddle bit and drilled holes where the rods would go. I only drilled down about .25"
For me it was easier to stain everything first then build. I put a little bit of wood glue in each hole then stuck the dowel rods in and repeated for the other side. After everything was in place I still nailed in a little finishing nail on each side of the 1x3 where the rod was just to secure it in place even more.
Then whala you now have a blanket ladder. I chose to just keep mine stained but there are many different ways you can make it look depending on what you are going for. If I get tired of just the stain I plan on painting it a white then sanding it down a lot to achieve that old look.
So simple anyone can make one!